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Instead there is more emphasis on one; place with hierarchies (namely the caste system) and acting as one is supposed to do in that position. These and similar other amusements should always be carried on by citizens.” Indians have traditionally entertained each other at home with conversation and food. Villagers entertain themselves with weddings, caste celebrations and religious festivals.

and how they treat those above them and below them. At large social gathering it is carefully worked out where people sit. Wrestling matches and cockfights are popular in some places.

I do like to help them out when I can, and as you likely know I love to participate in team sports in Montreal.

Tonight I’ll be scoring with the boys at the curling club.

Offers of money are inevitably turned down and regarded as an insult.

In Amanda’s case I have ordered her a copy of a travel guide book to Molvania. If not, a walking tour of eastern Europe’s oldest nuclear facilities is something that’s sure to bring a healthy glow to her.May we look on each other with the eye of a friend.” Making casual friends in India is very easy.Making close friends and finding out what people are really like underneath their exterior layer of friendliness and politeness takes more time. They are many rules as to how one is supposed to act and not act and it is ingrained to follow these rules.So far, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is beating off all the others coming up closely behind. It’s going to be a fabulous holiday season, and the fun starts here. Well, perhaps I should take my own advice and lubricate things with a little help from Amazon. I must say my idea of a wonderful Christmas would be for Amanda, my wife’s appalling friend, to emigrate to Molvania – though I doubt it’s likely to happen any time soon.Step into Christmas in a pair of nylons and heels with me. And let’s face it, Pig And Pig Farmer would be unlikely to find another editor of her enormous caliber.

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